From the Principal's Desk

Every child born brings along a proof of God's trust in Humanity. Children symbolize ray of hope for sustenance of Goodness and Honesty on Earth.

In the current context of globalization, the school has a definite and a positive role to play in molding the student's personality. Every student is molded with utmost care, craftsmanship, patience and love of the teacher who plays the role of a potter. Here study is a discovery of 'new facts' with a passion for learning. We train our students to maintain emotional as well as mental equilibrium and thus are prepared to match any situation or eventuality by way of different levels of competitions and activities.

We have individual pupil centric approach for optimum performance of every child. The framework of education is such that it motivates involvement of every student along with faculty. Our teachers believe in reaching out to every student's core competency with appreciation and trust. Times have changed and we believe that children should be given space to spread their wings and show their talents. The General awareness beyond the regular subject is a must. Our school is adequately equipped with all the facilities to provide holistic education to our students.